Jude Park

by Aaron Boyette

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bomanning the echo effect is great; the music style is reminiscent of the Sgt Peppers Album of the Beatles; and Aaron makes it all come together and it sounds fantastic Favorite track: Boomerang.
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Aaron Boyette’s debut solo album, Jude Park, is a veritable pleasure to the senses. His music transcends the traditional rock/pop/alt sound, exploring sonic terrain only available to the creatively ambitious. Contrasting ethereal passages and layers with raging and sometimes dissonant undertones, an unswerving energy transforms his roiling and churning songs into 3-minute anthems, all the while exploring the conflicts and battles we bear and wage against ourselves. The experimental side of Pink Floyd, The Who, George Harrison, Queen, David Bowie, or even early Moody Blues might have entertained such an endeavor, but Aaron has woven together his music to construct an idiosyncratic modern style, respectfully nodding to the art rock of the past. Jude Park is an introspective and meticulous, capricious yet mature work that showcases Aaron’s ability and determination to challenge the status quo with his unique blend of power-pop sensibilities and fervent sense of harmony combined with unexpected tonal twists. This is an album coming from a deeper and richer place with an aura that rocks and lulls its way across a soundscape of brilliant innovation and unsullied emotion.


released April 28, 2017



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Aaron Boyette Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Track Name: Silent In Jude Park
Driving so long you switch from light to dark
Relax for a while – It’s silent in Jude Park
Headstones line the pathway to a bench for those who’ve passed
Stroll through the fairy garden and embrace the child in you while it lasts
Don’t let it go – Minutes are fleeting and here only momentarily
And forget for a time you’re all you’ll ever be.
Track Name: Light Speed Day
A body to host another light speed day
A bottle to tip when things don’t go my way
A palette to fuse primary colors to gray
That’s all there’s to lose by losing you

Pictures on the wall are never straight (Others in cardboard boxes remain arranged)
Portraits of my life get filed away
There was a time I held on to a few (Only to watch them torn in two)
It was all there to lose by losing you

Bend, break, fall down
Stake your claim on cold warm ground
We’re dying in the same town now
But not now

It’s fight or flight when a ghost walks through my door (Better to run than wait on others to mourn)
Mere surface cuts like a thousand times before
Another light speed day has passed me by (and left me with no alibis)
I’m all in to lose by losing you
Yeah I’m all in to lose by losing you
Track Name: Love For The Owl
Love for the owl and all things feline
Rambunctious and pure, with your heart beats mine
In time I’ll tell you what you mean to me
But for now you’ll just slide ‘n see how high you can swing

Love for the playground – all things yellow and green
Chasing each other laughing tugs my heart strings
I once was dark inside, but you filled me to the brim
With light I can trust will never be prone to dim

You’re my babies evermore even when you’re grown
And now it feels alright to get old

Love for the owl and all things feline
If I’m worn down I try not to frown ‘fore your eyes
It’s time I tell you bedtime is near
I Read you a story and if you cry, wipe your tears

You’re my babies evermore even when you’re grown
Now I know it’s alright to grow old.
Track Name: Boomerang
When all that’s worth breathing for is gone
While trading sot for sober
It takes no aim, man, so fly that Boomerang
Was never really good with social affairs
Noticeable as dust among these boulders
I’d love to chip away until dwarfing their remains

I promised you the world but I was over the moon
Your tongue was seldom sore but you still suffered a fool
I’ve never been so tired, tired of these lines
Would do anything to break the trance paralyzing my eyes
A taste of defeat never was so bad – like it is right now

It all comes down to a smile
Across your face I’m missing
That boomerang has flown but certain to return
Track Name: If Only For Today
Take out your boots and hat and put down Tortilla Flat
Those pages won’t decay
There’s a burning in the sky and I want your undivided attention
If only for today

Open up the shades – you look vibrant in the rays
Of sun that shines upon
Your face – Your gentleness brings me back when I digress
Oh baby, don’t change the way you are

Living in the past you’re as good as dead
And looking ahead becomes such a drag
Then what else is there to do but trust in fate
And seize this moment – it’s all we have?

Let’s walk down to the park and let’s skip slate rocks ‘till it’s dark
The sit back ‘n watch the stars’ debut
And if tomorrow don’t bring golden chains or diamond rings
My darling, I’m sure that we’ll get through
Oh darling, I know that we’ll get through
If only for today – I know that we’ll get through.
Track Name: Evangeline
When I think of Evangeline
She’s standing under a clouded night
Laughing out the sound of the coming storm
She says “We’d better go inside”

I never loved you You cannot proved I loved you
But if I did I couldn’t say I’d ever stop

When I think of Evangeline
It’s always as she was As I was I cannot see us otherwise
We were free to wander How did I fail to move on?

I never loved you You cannot prove I loved you
But if I did I wouldn’t say I’d ever stop
I never loved you You cannot prove I loved you
Track Name: Back Into My Hole
Memories of words I spoke are clear as open skies
Like “For you there’s simply nothing I won’t do.”
But lately it’s apparent that things, they fall apart
And into a crevice I feel I’m reduced.

Touch me – Hold me – Never let me down
I have plans to build a case for you to keep me around
Been crawling too far from my home
Yeah I’m crawling there, never to return

I barely know what’s left and I just can’t get things right
And it feels like a den of rattlesnakes in my head
But if I never try, I’ll never know for sure
That the greatest gift before me goes unsaid

Brace yourself for the truth – it makes me whole
It’s all you’ve ever known to piece my fragments row by row
So now I’m crawling back, crawling back home
Yeah I’m crawling back, crawling to my hole
Yeah I’m crawling back, back into my hole.
Track Name: Tractor Rape Chain
Why is it every time I think about you
Something that you have said or implied makes me doubt you?
Then I look into your cynical eyes and I know it
As if it never meant anything to me

Parallel lines on a slow decline Tractor rape chain
Better yet let’s all get wet on the tractor rape chain
Speed up slow down go all around in the end

In the firt place it’s probably just paranoia
But there’s a ghost in my room and he says I’d better run
It’s a thing, I know it’s a thing I believe in
Won’t you tell it to go away?

Parallel line on a slow decline Tractor rape chain
Better yet let’s all get wet on the tractor rape chain
Speed up slow down go all around in the end
Speed up slow down go all around in the end
Track Name: The Major Scale
If I could scale this mountain for you
Show you I have guts
Would you take me by the hand and help me along?
Leave the kids at camp – they won’t miss us at all
Before you know it we’ll be high atop
I won’t look down – I promise I won’t let my cowardice show
Just don’t let me go and make sure the children know
That mom is stronger than before.
Track Name: Demons Lie
Demons lie she’s knows it to be true
Everything was built but lacked the glue
To hold it all tight and together
To weather any trends
But somehow she got lost forever
With demons she considered friends

I thought I’d found her lying on the floor
Lying there just trying to be ignored
But I knew that was not my baby
Who used to comfort me
It’d grown to be so dark and ugly
How could I have been so deceived
Oh please, take me

When it hurts she’ll summon her daddy’s soul
And will know
While he tried, he never listened or said good-bye
When it hurts she’ll summon her daddy’s soul
And he’ll go by and by
But all for naught, I’ll sleep tonight